The beachcombing activity was held in Dalian Jiangjunshi Hotel, lasting for two days and one night
Updated:2017-12-08   Read:26571

Chase dream of the far place and set sail for voyage. Go with Cansi and be a trend which cannot be halted. On August 2 and August 3, 2014, Dalian True-love Canned Food Co., Ltd. held the beachcombing activity which lasted for two days and one night in the national sailing base of Dalian Jiangjunshi Hotel. The activity aimed to enrich the cultural life of employees, improve company welfare and reflect company care and mental outlook, at the same time, thank employees for the hard work and every effort.

On the activity day, employees set off from the headquarters in Dalian. Due to early departure time and distant journey, the chefs were arranged by administrative department to prepare delicate breakfast for employees. Full of laughing along the way, they reached the first stop of Jiangjunshi Hotel, assigned the room and the beachcombing part of the activity was started. It was just of the ebb tide at beginning of month, walking in the sea which just sinks the ankle, a group of true-love people waved the shovels in their hands and went beachcombing to where be rich seafood.