The Partner Conference of 2014-2015 was held in Hailaer
Updated:2017-12-08   Read:27661

The Annual Partner Conference of 2014-2015 of Dalian True-love Canned Food Co., Ltd. was held in beautiful Hailaer in July 2014. The horses ran and the eagles flew. And the prairie scenery of Hulunbeir was beautiful. The water and grass were rich here and the territory was vast. As it was of the brilliant summer, the prairie was full of birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers and fresh air. The cooking smoke rose above the scattered Mongolian yurts. The breeze blew and the grass waved and “the wind lowers the grass to show the cattle sheep blow” could be seen everywhere. Under the blue sky and white cloud, endless prairie, herds of cattle and sheep, running horses and heroic posture of herdsmen riding their horses were unfolding before the eyes.